Wednesday, December 22, 2010

::LAPTOP ON BED... Pls Read..!!!::

Salam readers.. arini I nak share sal satu artikel ni yg I dapat dari email I awal pagi tadi.. pLz take note tau..!!!

Please take time to read!! Very important! ‎ Caution !

You may have heard that a good friend of ours in Mequon lost their 25 year old son (Arun Gopal Ratnam) in a fire at home June 4th.

This is what happened.
He graduated with MBA from University of Wisconsin-Madison two weeks earlier and came home. Had a lunch with his dad at home and decided to go back to to clean up his room at school. Father told him to wait and see his mother before he goes back for a few days.

He decided to take a snooze while waiting for his mom to come home from work. Neighbors called 911 when they saw black smoke coming out of the house. Their 25 year old son Arun died in the three year old house. It took several days of investigation to find out the cause of the fire. It was determined that the fire was caused by lap top in the bed.

When the lap top is on the bed cooling fan does not get air to cool the computer and that is what caused the fire. He did not even wake up to get out of the bed he died of carbon monoxide.

The reason I writing this to all of you is that I have seen all of us using our lap top in bed. Let us all decide and make it a practice not to do that. Risk is real. Let us make it a rule not to use lap top in bed or put computer on bed with blankets and pillows around.

Ha... u olls dah baca kan.. faham tak pe die cakap..?? I ni tak terror bab translation although time study dulu amik translation.. hehehe.. die ckp, berhati2 bila guna laptop diatas katil sbb ia akan menyebabkan kebakaran berlaku.. pendek kata, laptop akan meletup la lebih2 lagi lau kita tak guna "cooling fan" sebagai alas si laptop tu.. tu sbbnya "cooling fan" ni penting bagi pengguna laptop.. lau sesapa yg beli laptop tu, pastikan ada juga membeli "cooling fan" okey.. ada banyak jenis "cooling fan" tau.. yg cute, yg cun, yg simple, yg ada bling2, yg murah or yg mahal.. sume ada... so berhati2 ya.. =p

ikutlah contoh org kt bawah ni.. hehe..


Cik Ungu Violet said...

woah, seramnya..saya la selalu buat camtu. pasni insaf. takut wor. tq sharing :)

Izzatul Iman said...

cooling fan tu ada tapi slalu tak guna pun...sebab kejap je on laptop....

me tak letak atas katil tapi letak laptop atas karpet...hehe...

::deebaadeeboo:: said...

scarynyeee..da la mmg slalu je on laptop on bed b4 tdo..huhu

::A.Z.M.I.R.A:: said...

mmg scary sbb benda ceni jadi tanpa kita jangka.. it's like juz a small matter but we dun noe wat will happened soon.. so, be carefull.. i noe, ramai pengguna suka online atas katil.